Thanksgiving in The United States

Thanksgiving in The United StatesThanksgiving in the United States is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. This is around the end of harvest season so generally it is a tradition to gather with friends or family and gorge in all of the sustenance picked by the local farmers. Giving thanks to God and happiness is usually the means behind Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Perhaps it was the pilgrims that started this tradition as they embarked on the long excursion to settle in this great new land. Giving thanks to a safe voyage across the Atlantic Ocean and finding new residence in this new fertile land. However, the first Thanksgiving Day celebration is dated back to the 1800’s (hundreds of years after the noble pilgrims arrived and planted their cold wet feet on this mighty shore).

They were visitors to this new world, but were not the first to call it home. The sight of the first Native American (Indian) must’ve created much tension among the two factions. With muskets drawn and sabers raised, ready for anything to come their way, the pilgrims noticed something. A twinkling in the eye of this sun-kissed raggedy-clothed wild man, there was no weapon clenched in his hand, but an ear of corn aimed with intent of friendship. The pilgrims were shown by the natives how to cultivate the land and build shelter and hunt wild beasts for food and insulation. Blistering cold winters and hot, dry summers were ahead, but the pilgrims stayed, paving the way for modern living.
Thanksgiving in The United States Thanksgiving in The United States Thanksgiving in The United States
Sustenance is plentiful in the United States these days and indulging in this blessing is a Thanksgiving Day tradition. Turkey, ham and pumpkin pies are all common foods eaten during the holiday. Turkeys are typically stuffed with spices and cornmeal; hams are glazed and baked to perfection. Macaroni noodles are topped with cheese and potatoes are mashed and surrounded in Grandma’s home-style gravy. Wine, milk and refreshing water is waiting to wash all of this down. After dinner families sit around with their pot bellies sharing memories and events that have happened to them throughout life. Perhaps this act itself is attest to the appreciation we have to all the conveniences we have in our new world. Once the food is settled the families bid each other goodbye and return to the life they know, but perhaps not without one last piece of chocolate cake or pumpkin pie!