Standard Christmas Colours

Christmas ColoursThere is an array of standard Christmas colours that are used to symbolise Christmas. These are typically red, green and white. Whilst the meaning of these colours is fairly important – so is using them correctly. White is pretty easy; it is purity. If you put this into context regarding the birth of Jesus then it makes a lot of sense. Jesus was born and he is a pure baby untouched by the ravages of man. Although this may seem a little strange when put into compared the Christian concept of original sin – remember that it is Jesus, the son of God. White is a good colour to use fairly liberally when decorating your home for Christmas. It is an easy colour to use because snow seems to be a fairly common theme in regards to Christmas, so just spray some fake snow around the place and you have that pretty well covered.

Red is a more interesting colour. Depending on the culture you are referring to it will mean different things. Out of the context of Christmas it means stop or look over here. To some extent this does apply to Christmas because we are forced to stop and enjoy the company of our family and friends during the Christmas season. In some cultures it represents luck or new life. Which is interesting to note; green also means new life in some cultures. Depending on the culture it means go or move forward. Another interesting thing to note is that it actually means death in some cultures. Green also symbolises balance. It is also the go to colour that represents nature. So in this regard green is a perfect colour to symbolise Christmas (in most cultures). How you use the colours when decorating is fairly important as well.

Christmas Colours Christmas Colours Christmas Colours

If you are using a great deal of natural objects such as flowers to decorate during Christmas they you are probably not all that worried about adding more green into the mix. As previously stated, white is also an easy colour to represent. Red can be a little tricky sometimes. However, if you factor in the colour of Santa’s costume and the general colour of Christmas stockings (typically red) then it is not all that hard to splash some red into the mix. If you don’t use any of these colours at all then don’t worry, your face is likely to be red when your family comes to visit and celebrate Christmas.