The Spirit of Christmas Embodied by Christmas Crackers

Christmas CrackersChristmas crackers are a fun addition to Christmas celebrations. They foster community and bring people together. The second someone sees Christmas crackers on the table as a Christmas meal is being served up their eyes light up. Generally, it is a good idea to have a Christmas cracker next to every plate on the table. That way it gives people the opportunity to use it whenever they like. People who are less socially adept will be able to mingle a little easier with other guests because they need another person to tug on the end of the Christmas cracker. Although the prizes in the cracker are not of the highest value – they are more about fun.

A personal favourite of mine is the party hat prize. People are sometimes eager to overlook the party hat and in feel it is below them. I wear my party hat with pride. I also notice other people are more likely to wear the hat if someone puts theirs on first. In this regard it is a great way to break the ice in the event the party is slow to get into full swing. Children also like the party hats. Generally, children like anything that comes out of the Christmas cracker as long as they are the winner of the prize. Christmas crackers need not be expensive – I notice that regardless of the price of the Christmas cracker the prize is always the same.

The one thing that I find a little cheesy about Christmas crackers is the jokes inside them. Although, not all of them have this and they are generally easy to overlook. They are a good way to break the ice and give someone who might not otherwise have much to say some contribution or way to get into the conversation. They can sometimes cause more disdain than good because of the poor quality of the joke. Even kids find the jokes pretty bad and won’t laugh at them. Maybe an adult Christmas cracker with jokes tailored to adults would be a good idea.
Christmas Crackers Christmas Crackers Christmas Crackers
Many countries who have banned the use of fireworks still allow Christmas crackers. This is a good thing. Because loud noises are often associated with celebrations the Christmas crackers fill a needed niche. Don’t feel you are too good to serve Christmas crackers. The humble Christmas cracker is a lot of fun. The prizes may not be worth keeping but they are extra treats for your guests.