Safety First – Christmas Light Decoration

Christmas Light DecorationEveryone loves Christmas lights. Before you start putting up your Christmas light decoration it is a good idea to test them first. This is important because they can be an electrical hazard if they have been sitting in a box since last year. The longer you keep your Christmas light decoration then the greater the chance of them being faulty or having bad wiring due to age. Wiring has a tendency to become brittle with age. This can in turn lead to poor electrical conductivity. If the wire shorts out and you don’t have an adequate breaker switch in place this can then lead to a fire. Some insurance companies may not pay out if the fire was started by faulty electrical goods that should have been thrown out. This can leave you footing the bill for not only the damage done to your property – but also the damage done to others property as well.

If you are unsure about the quality of your Christmas light decoration from years gone, don’t use it. It is really that simple. It is not worth saving the small amount of money it costs to replace it. If you sleep with the lights on then it is a good idea to stop doing this. Your lights should be supervised while on. Of course this is not always possible. If you are setting up the decorations outside your home with Christmas lights that are set to a timer – ensuring the cabling is in good condition and not frayed in any places is exceedingly important. If you live somewhere that has snow then this is even more important. People use salt to melt snow, snow ends up mixing with the salt to create a water and salt compound that is conductive. This turns the snow into a death trap if electrified.
Christmas Light Decoration Christmas Light Decoration Christmas Light Decoration
If you are using Christmas light decoration in the home then you still need to be just as careful. Carpet can catch alight fairly easily if hit with a spark. You also may have young children who can do some pretty silly things. Keep an eye on young children when they are around Christmas lights. Children have a tendency to put shiny things in their mouth. Without a breaker installed to cut the current in the event the circuit shorts out you may be putting your child in grave danger. Although don’t let this stop you from enjoying Christmas lights – just remember, safety first.