Rudolph Christmas Crafts

Rudolph Christmas giftsRudolph the red nosed reindeer is probably one of the most recognisable Christmas icons. After Santa and Jesus, Rudolph is in close third place. For those of you who celebrate Christmas but have not ever heard of Rudolph the story goes that Rudolph was a red nose reindeer (with a very shiny nose). If you happened to see his nose, then you would even say it glows. Poor Rudolph was ridiculed by his reindeer brethren until the day that Santa chose him (it was a particularly foggy Christmas night) in order to guide his sleigh. After this Rudolph was loved by all of the other reindeer – and I believe great banquets were held in his honour and in recognition of his place as king of the reindeer (ok, I made that last part up).

If you know someone who has a story similar to this (besides the whole being a reindeer shtick) then it might be a good idea to look around for things that you are able to make Rudolph Christmas crafts out of that you can give them. Being a common Christmas icon, Rudolph Christmas crafts are a Christmas mainstay. The story of Rudolph is integral to the whole idea of Christmas. It is about someone being accepted into the fold after being neglected in order to celebrate their contribution to the family. People love reindeer as well. For people who have a special affinity to reindeer then Rudolph Christmas crafts will be your first port of call in giving them a Christmas gift.
Rudolph Christmas gifts Rudolph Christmas gifts Rudolph Christmas gifts Rudolph Christmas gifts
Rudolph Christmas crafts for children are a fun way to teach them the story of Rudolph (particularly if you have already taught them the song). One good craft idea that is relevant to Rudolph involves having the child glue a paper plate to a piece of paper. They can dip their palm in paint and place it above the paper plate in order to represent antlers. After this they can draw Rudolph’s face and shiny red nose onto the plate. For an extra bit of fun have them glue a cotton ball onto the nose and paint over it with red paint. Essentially, Rudolph Christmas crafts revolve around making some form of reindeer and painting his nose red. People will instantly recognise it as a Rudolph – he is probably the most famous reindeer in the world and with his red nose is quite easy to spot in a pack of reindeers.