Why Personalized Christmas Stockings are a Good Idea

Christmas StockingsPersonalized Christmas stockings for your children are a good idea because it makes the child feel special. It also gives the child their own personalized Christmas loot bag. It adds an element of excitement to the gift giving process that would not otherwise be there without it. Personalized Christmas stockings are great for all ages really – it doesn’t matter if you are a child or not. If you buy a generic Christmas stocking from a store there are plenty of ways you can make it into a personalized loot bag. Start by dying it. If you really want to personalize it – tie dye it Christmas colors and then tie dye it with bleach. That will give you a red, green and white Christmas stocking. I am sure your Christmas stocking will stand out then. How can Santa miss it? It will also allow Santa to reminisce about his Woodstock days.

Your children will prefer personalized Christmas stockings because they will think Santa will recognize it as their own. That way he will be less likely to make a mistake when he is divvying out the gifts to all of the children. If you are able to help your children make their own Christmas stockings then it is a good idea to give them some pointers. Try and get them to choose something big enough to fit everything you want to put in it and small enough to look like it is packed to bursting point when you have finished putting goodies into it. Also have them write their name on it with glitter, paint or a thick pen. That way they can be sure that Santa will know who the stocking belongs too. It might also help you differentiate the stockings in the middle of the night.
Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings
If you are doing the whole personalized Christmas stocking thing then make sure you understand that it is a special thing for your child. Don’t mock their attempt at personalizing their Christmas stocking. Personalized Christmas stockings may be something that children work hard at putting together. Don’t shatter their confidence by making fun of their handy work. You might end up shattering their confidence in the craft making ability entirely and they won’t want to help with the rest of the Christmas decorating. Trust me, their help will be appreciated when it comes time to make some homemade Christmas decorations or putting up the tree.