What to Look for in an Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Outdoor Christmas WreathAn outdoor Christmas wreath differs in a few fairly important ways. To begin with it will be at the mercy of the elements. This means it will need to be fairly resistant to harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures (depending on where you live, may be hot or cold) and well tethered to stop thieves from running away with it – wreath bandits! You might also want to make sure it is large enough to be seen by passersby. If you factor in all of these things then an outdoor Christmas wreath may be quite expensive. A natural Christmas wreath (in opposed to an artificial one) will probably need to be treated or lacquered before leaving it at the mercy of the elements. An artificial Christmas wreath will be a little more resistant but there is very little you can do to stop it from fading. The sun can make short work of plastic colouring.

Cold weather can also be unkind to plastics and organic material. Extreme cold can actually make plastic brittle so it will easily snap. If you tether it too tightly and it gets cold and the tether contracts then you might end up snapping the wreath. An outdoor Christmas wreath can be a nightmare to care for – however it is worth it in order to compliment your other Christmas decorations. Just keep in mind that not everyone is honest so you will have to look at ways to tether a large expensive wreath. There are few things you can do – if the wreath is just going to be on your door then the likelihood of it being stolen is quite minimal. You won’t really need to tether it in this instance. If the wreath is quite large and placed on your lawn then consider attaching the wreath to the stand it is on.

Outdoor Christmas Wreath Outdoor Christmas Wreath Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Unfortunately you can’t be too careful. If you spend a few hundred dollars on a large wreath for your front yard then you want to make sure it stays safe so you can reuse it. An outdoor Christmas wreath is a great decoration; so don’t be put off by thieves. It may even be a non-issue depending on where you live. You are probably going to be the only one in your neighbourhood who has taken the initiative to display a large wreath so you will get bonus points from your neighbours as well. It is an original idea and you will be congratulated for thinking of it.