Zarthost No Deeso – A Day of Mourning

Whilst Khordad Sal is an upbeat occasion that commemorates the birth of the prophet Zoroaster, Zarthost No Deeso is an occasion of mourning because it signifies the day he died. Zoroastrians arrive at the Fire Temple en masse and extra mobeds are required in order to support the large influx of Zoroastrian worshippers. The event […]

Khordad Sal – The Birthday of Zoroaster

Zoroastrians get particularly festive during the period of Khordad Sal. Khordad Sal can be likened to the Christian holiday of Christmas as it celebrates the birth of their prophet. Khordad Sal is the birth date for Zoroaster and Zoroastrians around the world celebrate it with vigour. Jashans are recited and large parties are held in […]

Jamshed Navrov – The New Year

The Parsi calendar is based on the Fasli calendar. This differs greatly from the Gregorian calendar in that is more specific to seasonal changes than the Gregorian calendar. Jamshed Navrov is the start of the New Year for Parsis. This coincides directly with the Vernal Equinox which is the start of spring. It also coincides […]

Gahambars Festivals – Celebrating the Good

Gahambars are a celebratory festival that is inspired by the unity of people and spirituality. They also celebrate noble deeds such as radih and rastih. Translated, this literally means charity and honesty. Gahambars are steeped in rich Parsi tradition and during the festival regard is given to heaven, earth, flora, water, man and fauna. The […]