Gandhi Jayanti – A Celebration of Indian Independence

Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti is not only a celebration of what Gandhi accomplished – it is also a celebration of the steps taken to achieve independence from the British. It is also a celebration of Indian community and Indian economic achievements. All of this does stem from the initial attempts made by Gandhi to make India […]

Celebrating Republic Day – National Public Holiday

Republic Day is an important Indian holiday that celebrates when the Constitution of India took over from the British facilitated Government of India Act 1935. Although this may seem like a hard concept to get your head around – it is essentially the first constitution enacted by India as an independent country after British colonial […]

Childrens Day Information

Our children give us a great amount of joy. Sure, we celebrate their birthdays and give them gifts during the holiday seasons. However, we rarely give them the acknowledgement they deserve regarding the pleasure we take from them. Our children are generally considered our pride and joy. While we know deep down that we will […]

Independence Day in India

Independence Day in India (not to be confused with the American Independence Day – or the film by the same title) is the day that Indians use to celebrate their independence from the British Commonwealth. The struggle for India’s independence was gained at a high cost and tribute is paid to all of those involved […]