The Christmas Grinch

The Christmas Grinch is a character that was created by the famous children’s author, Dr. Seuss. It is about a particularly nasty monster who finds joy in ruining Christmas for all the boys and girls who are excited about the event. The Christmas Grinch has been used as the basis for a variety of works […]

Standard Christmas Colours

There is an array of standard Christmas colours that are used to symbolise Christmas. These are typically red, green and white. Whilst the meaning of these colours is fairly important – so is using them correctly. White is pretty easy; it is purity. If you put this into context regarding the birth of Jesus then […]

Smart Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you are having trouble coming up with original Christmas tree decorating ideas then consider taking cues from your surroundings. If you have children of school age then they are likely to be making Christmas crafts while at school. Christmas tree decorating ideas can be drawn from the crafts that they are making. Consider using […]

Safety First – Christmas Light Decoration

Everyone loves Christmas lights. Before you start putting up your Christmas light decoration it is a good idea to test them first. This is important because they can be an electrical hazard if they have been sitting in a box since last year. The longer you keep your Christmas light decoration then the greater the […]

Rudolph Christmas Crafts

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is probably one of the most recognisable Christmas icons. After Santa and Jesus, Rudolph is in close third place. For those of you who celebrate Christmas but have not ever heard of Rudolph the story goes that Rudolph was a red nose reindeer (with a very shiny nose). If you […]

Romantic Christmas Gifts – Don’t be Too Cheesy

Romantic Christmas gifts can be fairly hard to find without having them come across as overly cheesy or outright silly. That is why it pays to be a little selective in regards to selecting romantic Christmas gifts. It seems that the more you are able to pay for romantic Christmas gifts the less of the […]

Remembering the Occasion – Christmas Wedding Party Favors

If you are holding a wedding during the Christmas holiday season a great gift to give you guests are Christmas wedding party favors. Prior to writing this article I hadn’t come across the concept before. If you have ever decorated a Christmas tree then you should know what decorative favors are. If not, let me […]

Party with the Right Christmas Decoration for Reception

So you have planned the ultimate Christmas wedding – the wedding itself is the more serious component of the ceremony and you might not want to go overboard on the decorations for this part. However, the reception is something that is supposed to be fun. It is the party component of a wedding where everyone […]

Offering Christmas Prayers for Others

If you are fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas without worrying about financial difficulty or the safety of your family – then you might consider offering Christmas prayers for others who are less fortunate. While you may consider donating to a charitable cause that helps those less fortunate celebrate Christmas; if you can’t afford it then […]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas & Tips

While last minute Christmas shopping is not really a good idea, sometimes it is unavoidable. Especially for parents that either work or single parents who have no other options because they are busy working during the holiday season. If you have the ability to shop online consider getting in as early as possible in order […]