Gandhi Jayanti – A Celebration of Indian Independence

gandhi jayantiCelebrating Gandhi Jayanti is not only a celebration of what Gandhi accomplished – it is also a celebration of the steps taken to achieve independence from the British. It is also a celebration of Indian community and Indian economic achievements. All of this does stem from the initial attempts made by Gandhi to make India a sustainable (both economically and sociologically) and independent nation. In order to show respect for what he helped accomplish and for him as a person Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday that is represented by the date of Gandhi’s birth; the second of October.

Gandhi Jayanti is an important holiday for all Indians to celebrate regardless of religious or cultural specifics. Because Gandhi was instrumental in orchestrating change relevant to lifting British suppression of Indians. He helped many Indians develop a confidence regarding their right to an independent nation that was not ruled by colonial interests and British influence. While it did seem like an uphill battle due to the deep seated rule that Britain had over the nation, it was through small steps that this was changed. Gandhi took steps to abolish the caste system (with particular regard given to the rights of the untouchables) and although he may not have been completely successful in this endeavour he helped establish basic rights.

Gandhi was also a massive supporter of honest public service. He promoted the idea that a public servant is there to serve the public and as a public servant lived quite frugally. Gandhi Jayanti is one way to acknowledge the principles that were established by Gandhi. It celebrates his life and India as a whole. This includes the principles espoused by Gandhi which Indians are proud to label as the inspiration for their national ideals. Because of Gandhi’s abhorrence to violence and noble ways, Indian independence was established in a legitimate light.
gandhi jayanti gandhi jayanti gandhi jayanti
Gandhi attempted to make India a nation built upon unity. Ideals that relate to equality for all and religious freedom are especially apparent in his writings and the methods in which he attempted to establish independence. Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti and abstaining from alcohol during the festivities is one way you can support these ideals. You are not celebrating Gandhi as such – you are celebrating India. You are also celebrating your independence from colonial rule. If you consider other countries that are still tied to British colonisation such as Australia; you can understand that you are celebrating something special.