Father’s Day – An International Endeavour

Fathers DayDepending on where you live, Father’s Day is a day of the year that allows you to let your father know how much you appreciate all that he does for you. Prior to becoming an internationally recognised day set aside for fathers, the idea was ridiculed. In fact, in many countries it is a fairly modern concept. Romania is one such country; it was not a recognised holiday for fathers until 2009. Other countries (such as Taiwan) do not even have a designated holiday for fathers. They do however have a day set aside for fathers (that is not officially recognised).

Although Father’s Day is often called a holiday. It is not a public holiday in the traditional sense of the word. Because the holiday typically falls on a Sunday, little regard is given to giving the public a day of rest. It is for a specific niche (fathers) to be recognised for the work they do. Father’s Day actually has a religious connotation for many cultures. For example, Hindu nations celebrate Father’s Day on Amavasya – which generally occurs during August or September. Roman Catholics (prior to the modern incarnation of Father’s Day we now have) celebrated Father’s Day during March on Saint Joseph’s Day.

Many countries in the west celebrate Father’s Day during June – typically the third Sunday of June. Retailers generally go all out on advertising gifts that are suitable for males during these times in order to cash in on the holiday. Because of the commercialisation of the holiday it was hard to promote as a legitimate thing to celebrate. People were sceptical at first because they felt that the holiday was a ploy by retailers to increase their sales. However, people realised the value of the holiday – and because there weren’t any other holidays in place to celebrate fatherhood, it gradually gained acceptance.
Fathers Day Fathers Day Fathers Day
Father’s Day has become a globally recognised holiday for the most part. It is important to have a day that does recognise fathers. Whilst it does not automatically guarantee the father a holiday on the day, it helps him to feel that what he does in appreciated. Many families allow the father to do what he wants during Father’s Day without question (and within reason) – some give the father breakfast in bed and treat it like Mother’s Day that is aimed at the other parent. Many countries also see a massive boost in phone calls during this time of the year.