How to Make Christmas Wreath

Make Christmas WreathIf you have a flair for creativity and have the means in which to do some fairly clever craftwork, it may be a good idea to think about making Christmas wreath yourself. You will need a few basic items to begin with. Start by collecting the following things; Strong glue (a woodworking PVA glue is probably the best choice, hot glue is also a good idea), garden clippers, copper wire, strong cardboard (for a stencil of the circle), lacquer and the long stems of the plant that you wish to use for making Christmas wreath. The process is quite involved and can be time consuming depending on the density of the wreath you wish to make. However, it is quite rewarding to see the finished product – and it is likely to last a few years.

When starting out you will need to first make a stencil. Find something that is circular and approximately the same size as the wreath that you wish to make. Trace the outline of this onto the cardboard and then cut out the circle. You will then have a good guide with which to start the process – remember that if it is not circular it is not really a wreath. In saying this, you can realise the importance of having a stencil to work off. While you are making your stencil consider soaking the plant matter in a large pot of warm water. This will soften up the wood prior to threading it around the stencil. As the wood dries the wreath will essentially set because it will shrink. This is actually a fairly important step because if the wood is not soft enough it will just snap when you try and bend it. Alternatively, if the wood is too wet it will just turn to mush.
Make Christmas Wreath Make Christmas Wreath Make Christmas Wreath
After the wood has been soaked and left to drain for a few minutes you can start making your wreath. Thread the wood around the stencil. When you run out of one length of wood, tie the next piece to the previous piece with copper wire. You might be able to eventually cut the copper wire out if it sets correctly. Once you have reached the desired density of the wreath then let the wreath dry for a couple of days. If you can put it in the sun, that will help it harden quicker. After this spray the wreath with lacquer in order to preserve it and there you have it. You have succeeded in making Christmas wreath.