Christmas Wreath Storage – Ensuring your Christmas Wreath Stays in Good Shape

christmas wreathIn order to get the most out of your Christmas wreath, you will need to ensure that you have a good knowledge of Christmas wreath storage. While this may sound easy enough – improper storage can encourage rot, mould and discoloration to occur to natural and artificial Christmas wreaths. You might also have problems regarding the shape of the wreath or the wreath unfurling itself. Good Christmas wreath storage is imperative if you want to have a wreath for a few years and not have to repurchase one each year. To begin with you will need to ensure you store it in a cool dry place. This is important in regards to keeping mould and rot at bay. A mouldy Christmas wreath will smell. It will also look fairly ragged. A rotting wreath is worse because it can start to eat away at the glue that is holding the wreath together.

It is also a good idea to wrap the wreath up in cloth. Plastic is not as good (but fine) because if moisture gets under the plastic it won’t dry properly and may start to rot or grow mould. Cloth is good because it allows the plastic or natural materials to breathe. It will also stop the wreath from becoming covered with dust. Dust mites can cause mould and rot. Dust eats into the glues and plastics and when you get rid of the dust you will find that black spots start to show up on the wreath. Dead dust mites can start to turn into mould because they are a moist living organism (although we assume they aren’t because dust is generally dry). If you keep the wreath covered and in a cool dry place then that is the majority of your storage woes out of the way.
christmas wreath christmas wreath christmas wreath
If you have a natural wreath then plastic is actually a better option because it can help to maintain the wreaths freshness. Again, you will need to keep it in a cool dry place because once moisture gets in your wreath won’t last much longer. If you have the capacity to vacuum seal it then that is the way to go because it will stop air getting in and doing nasty things to it. Air will start to break down the bonds that hold the wreath together. If you live in a particularly humid area then it is recommended that you only use plastic to keep the wreath fresh and ensure its longevity.