Christmas Wreath Design – What Makes a Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath DesignWhat is it about Christmas wreath design that makes a Christmas wreath what it is? To begin with, the Christmas wreath must be round. This is probably the most symbolic part of the wreath as the circular (non-broken edge) represents eternal life. If you think about it this makes sense. As life is cyclical if it is eternal – it never ends. Wreaths (in general) are symbolic as a religious icon and are often worn upon the head during holy days. Christmas wreath design is also important in regards to the plants that are used during its manufacture. Many Christmas wreaths are made artificially in these modern times but they still symbolise specific plants. Common Christmas wreath plants include holly and mistletoe. These plants are not specific to the Christian faith; however they do play an important role nonetheless. Christmas wreath design is also dependent on how the wreath is going to be displayed.

The reason mistletoe is a common plant for use in Christmas wreath design is that it has been used throughout many cultures to ward off evil spirits. Because the berries are poisonous (in extremely large doses) – they are something that evil spirits shy away from. Mistletoe is also a celebratory plant. Even though it is not the most ornate plant (this is arguable) it is still a fairly attractive plant. The shapes of the leaves are fairly unique and some forms of mistletoe have an interesting colouration about the leaves. Deciding on where you place your wreath has an impact on Christmas wreath design as well. Some Christmas wreaths are better suited to hanging and proper care is taken during their manufacturing process to afford the owner the means with which to hang the wreath. Other Christmas wreaths are better suited to an ornamental centerpiece for a feast.

Christmas Wreath Design Christmas Wreath Design Christmas Wreath Design

Whatever design you decide on in regards to the Christmas wreath that you wish to procure – it is a good idea to have some understanding of the design and its significance to the Christmas season. It is even more important to understand this concept if you wish to make your own Christmas wreath. Choosing the right materials and ensuring the wreath comes out as a circle is one of the more difficult aspects of creating your own Christmas wreath. If you intend to make your own Christmas wreath it is a good idea to start gathering the materials early in the year.