Christmas Reception Activities that Appeal to All

Christmas Reception ActivitiesIf you have decided on a Christmas wedding it is a good idea to consider what type of Christmas reception activities will have that appeal to all of your guests. Depending on your culture you may have specific wedding activities associated with the event that are not unique to Christmas alone – other than these you will need to find a way to make your wedding special. Due to the nature of the wedding (which is being held during the Christmas holiday season) as it is held during an interesting time of the year – you will have an array of Christmas reception activities that really highlight the occasion as a celebration of Christmas and the union of man and wife. Because it is Christmas you really should consider giving you guests a gift. Even if the gift is something small it shows that you appreciate having them there.

You will also need to keep in mind that there will be children there. In this regard it is a good idea to have some activities pre-arranged that kids will enjoy. Christmas reception activities need not just be for the adults. You might have a look at having an actor show up dressed as Santa Claus. This will be a pretty neat way to entertain everyone and it is not age specific as such. It really helps highlight the Christmas aspect of the wedding as well. Have Santa Claus hand out the gifts to the guests and try and get him to spend some time with the children. Allow children to sit on his knee and have their photo taken with him. If they child has not had a chance to see Santa Claus yet during the Christmas season then it will give them the opportunity to let Santa know what they want.
Christmas Reception Activities Christmas Reception Activities Christmas Reception Activities Christmas Reception Activities
You want to make a lasting impression with your wedding. Because you are probably going to have the majority of your family under a single roof it is a good time to have some standard Christmas celebratory activities intermingled with wedding reception activities. That is why Christmas reception activities are a little more interesting than a regular reception. You have the power to make the reception a little more unique in this situation because it is a dual celebration. It may also be difficult to get both sets of family members under the same roof again during a Christmas celebration so it is worth doing all you can to make it special.