Christmas Handmade Stocking With Character

Christmas Handmade StockingIf you want to do something a little different with your Christmas stockings then consider a Christmas handmade stocking. A handmade stocking is original and unique to the individual. It need not be a stocking either. Consider sewing some patches onto a pillowcase or purchasing a few large socks and stretching them out. You can then attach a piece of rope by sewing it into the fabric so you can then hang it up somewhere. A Christmas handmade stocking is something that has some precedence in history. People did not always get store bought stockings in order to have their presents delivered to them. People generally used what they could make a bag out of. People used pots, cups, potato sacks and all manner of things. It just had to have the ability to hold an object and it could be used as a Christmas stocking.

It also can be a pretty fun exercise. Have your kids decide on what they would like to use and help them make some alterations to the object so that it can be hung. You are only really limited by your imagination. It is also a good idea to have something that can fit a few items so that you are not going to be squashing the goodies into the stocking when you attempt to pack it for them when they need to use it. Have them paint little pictures on the stocking and ask them to sew their name into it. It will give them some basic sewing skills and allow them to have some fun at the same time. It is a great Christmas craft idea and it doesn’t require the person making it to be an artist. It might also be a cheap way to have them make their own stocking. Christmas stockings can be over priced for something you use once a year.
Christmas Handmade Stocking Christmas Handmade Stocking Christmas Handmade Stocking
If you have a knack for knitting then you might even consider knitting up some stockings. There are patterns all over the internet if you are unsure where to start. Just do a search and dig up a pattern that you like the look of and start knitting. You may even be able to sell them because they will become a high demand item over the Christmas season. Try and stick to the staple colours of red, white and green when knitting them up so that they have a Christmassy feel about them.