The Christmas Grinch

Christmas GrinchThe Christmas Grinch is a character that was created by the famous children’s author, Dr. Seuss. It is about a particularly nasty monster who finds joy in ruining Christmas for all the boys and girls who are excited about the event. The Christmas Grinch has been used as the basis for a variety of works which include stage plays, movies, television programs and toys. Dr. Seuss wrote three books utilising the character of the Christmas Grinch. These books include Halloween is Grinch Night, The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat and (most famously) How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He has been popularised in modern culture by Jim Carrey’s portray of the Christmas Grinch in the film made in the year 2000. Although the film is considered to be fairly inaccurate and takes certain liberties in regards to the character – it was well received nonetheless.

The Christmas Grinch is not really an attractive fellow. He is hairy and green – which is indicative of his nature as a nasty piece of work. He also is quite thin and sinister looking with red eyes. He is meant to be the embodiment of something that has the capacity for pure evil. His adventures are generally put into a light hearted story however. Dr. Seuss wrote the books (as he is famous for doing) in the form of a rhyme. The story flows from verse to verse in a fairly clever manner and the books are a lot of fun to read. The Christmas Grinch generally becomes the victim of his own misdeeds and that is where the moral of the stories lay. Basically – the moral of the story is to not try and do nasty things to people because it can turn around and bite you.

Christmas GrinchChristmas GrinchChristmas Grinch

The Christmas Grinch is a cleverly constructed character and children still love the story. The animated television movie is also a lot of fun to watch and a staple of Christmas television. It is generally played each year during the holiday season and helps to get people in the mood for the celebrations a head. Because it is somewhat a spooky story (although it is closer to black comedy) it actually adds a nice change to the regular line up of Christmas comedies and feel good films that are show during the holiday season. The books about the Grinch make a great Christmas gift for young people who are just learning to read as well.