Christmas Flowers – Spice Up Your Celebrations

Christmas FlowersChristmas flowers are not just for decoration during Christmas. There are many flowers that have significant meanings during the Christmas season. Some of these include the Christmas cactus, Christmas rose, mistletoe and holy. Some people assume that mistletoe is just a weed (as it is a parasitic plant) but it has a pretty widespread usage in many cultures. Christmas cactus is not really a specific type of cactus; many people just use cacti that bloom during the Christmas season. Cactus flowers are generally very pretty and they bloom in extravagant patters all over the cactus. Coupled with a pleasant fragrance and great natural beauty, Christmas flowers are a great way to compliment any of your decorations that you strewn around the house for the Christmas season.

Different cultures use different flowers in order to celebrate Christmas. Mexico took their cues from the Aztecs and utilise the poinsettia. The poinsettia represents purity. It blooms as a bright red flower – which is fitting because red is often used to symbolise Christmas. In fact, red is one of the common themes amongst many flowers that are used by individual cultures. New Zealanders symbolise Christmas with the Pōhutukawa tree. This tree also blooms red flowers and signifies spirituality, strength and beauty. The Pōhutukawa can grow to be quite large and the flowers bloom all over the tree. Holly has a wide variety of species and is commonly used in western cultures to signify Christmas. It is a fairly plain looking variety in regards to Christmas flowers and is more noticeable due to its leaves rather than its flowers.
Christmas Flowers Christmas Flowers Christmas Flowers Christmas Flowers
Traditionally, cultures equated holly with truth. An interesting fact about holly is that it is thought to have the highest caffeine content of any plant. It has been used in many cultures to make a high caffeine content free and also used as an emetic (Native Americans called this drink ‘the black drink’). Holly has a fairly spiky leaves and is often used in Christmas wreaths. The wood is fairly pliable yet dense so it holds its shape really well. Many Christmas flowers have a wide variety of uses and it is their early usefulness that has cemented their place in Christmas culture. Some Christmas flowers have a heritage that dates back to the days of pagan worship (for example, mistletoe) and it is interesting that they have become mainstay for a Christian holiday. Christmas is no longer a holiday celebrated by Christians.