Christmas Angels – What They Mean to Christmas

Christmas AngelsHow angels relate to Christmas is quite an interesting story. Christmas angels are an integral part of Christmas celebrations for Christians because they specifically relate to the birth of Jesus. Angels were the ones that guided the important individuals to the location of the birth of Jesus and let them know what his birth represented. They were instrumental in notifying the Virgin Mary about what was going to happen to her. They were essentially the messengers that let the world know of Jesus’ coming and prepared the way for his work as a prophet. All of this is extremely important when you realise that the whole reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the integral role angles played – the significance of them becomes apparent.

Generally, Christmas angels are placed at the top of the Christmas tree. Sometimes people replace the Christmas angel with a star – the star itself represents the star that the three wise men followed in order to find the place where Jesus was born. The three wise men bought an array of gifts to Jesus in order to celebrate his birth. These gifts were frankincense, gold and myrrh. The three wise men were told of the birth of Jesus by an angel. The giving of the gifts on Christmas is sometimes equated to the giving of gifts to Jesus by the three wise men – however the exact history of how we came to give gifts to one and other is debatable, some use Saint Nicholas as the basis for gift giving. Saint Nicholas was known for his generosity although it is unclear as to whether or not he gave gifts to everyone as his main focus was on those who were in need.
Christmas Angels Christmas Angels Christmas Angels
Christmas angels can be seen in a lot of the decorations that we use to celebrate Christmas. If you consider their role as messengers then you will understand why. Angels also appeared to Jesus throughout his life to give him guidance. In that sense – it is not only Christmas angels that are important to Christmas but angels in general because they have a fairly broad application to the Christian faith as a whole. Because Christmas is deeply Christian (although many other religions have similar holidays during this period) it is difficult to down play the importance of angels as it applies to the Christian faith. To be fair in an aesthetic sense, the also look great as a decorative thing.