Celebrating our Teachers Day – Information

Teachers DayTeachers’ Day is a day in which we let our teachers know how much we appreciate them. The amount of work required to teach anyone important skills for life cannot be undervalued. This is why Teachers’ Day is such an important day. While not all countries have a specific holiday dedicated to letting our teachers know how much we care – many countries still hold unofficial holidays that congratulate or praise teachers for their work in the community. Other countries (for example, Afghanistan) see Teachers’ Day as a westernised celebration of mixed – as they relate to gender or culture – gatherings. However, this is far from true. The objective is to recognise teachers rather than the institution of education.

Depending on the nation, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated instead. Although many countries have their own cultural traditions of setting aside a day of the year to acknowledge educators; many did not. That is how World Teachers’ Day came about. Many countries celebrate some form of  Teachers’ Day in October. Although, rarely on the same date. Teachers’ Day celebrations are not limited to October however. Some countries have their Teachers’ Day celebration in other months – and they may or may not call it Teachers’ Day. Not all countries actually condone the giving of gifts to teachers on these days either. The United States is one such country that encourages gift giving; the vast majority of other countries do not.

However, Teachers’ Day has become a staple holiday of the majority of countries in the world. It is an important holiday because it allows teachers to get some recognition for the work they do. It may be daunting teaching a class full of unruly teenagers (especially having to deal with the woes of puberty). It is not easy trying to teach someone how to read either. Teachers are trained professionals that invest their time teaching our children how to do tasks that some of us may take for granted.
Teachers Day Teachers Day Teachers Day Teachers Day
All educators deserve recognition on Teachers’ Day. It is on par with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day because it is relevant to the field of caring for and teaching children. You will probably find that most teachers spend more time during the school semester with a child than its mother or father. They are the people who are responsible for developing a child’s interest in lifelong learning. Without teachers – parents would find themselves responsible for a great deal more for their children than they are already.