Brighten up your Home with Christmas Candle Crafts

Christmas Candle CraftsIf you have a penchant for creating craft masterpieces it may be worth considering taking an active interest of Christmas candle crafts. They are relatively cheap to create and you are only limited by your imagination (and the use of candles) when you create them. You will need things such as candles (obviously) and a means to stop the wood from burning – in the event you are using wood. Other than this you can use any non-flammable material in order to accentuate the candle and give it a Christmassy feel. Non-flammable materials which are good for creating Christmas candle crafts include things like fire retardant plastics, glass and ceramics (or clay).

The most difficult medium to get how you want it will no doubt be glass or plastic. Plastic (even if fire retardant) lets of noxious fumes when burnt so it might be a good idea to steer clear of it if you are making the Christmas candle crafts with young ones. Glass is good but you will be reliant on the shape that is already in order to use it. So shop around craft stores or gift shops and see if you can find something you can use. Clay is great – it allows you to mould it into the shape you want. While it might not be the best material for allowing the light to shine, through the creative use of the material you can create something that will last for a long time. Try and create something that will allow you to change the candle if it is something you wish to keep.
Christmas Candle Crafts Christmas Candle Crafts Christmas Candle Crafts
You might also consider embedding clay with a mosaic of mirrors. This will bring your creation to life and ensure it sparkles. The range of candles you can use is also fairly large. For that little bit extra consider using scented candles. If you are religious then consider using a candle that has a scent that has a religious connotation – this will invoke good spirits and cleanse the room of evil spirits. Have a good look around before you start your Christmas candle crafts. You might find something useful that you never considered using prior. Although I have to recommend clay as it is non-toxic, won’t burst into flames and gives you the ability to embed glass in order to carry the light further. Wood (if you can find one or use it in away to stop it from burning) may be a bad idea if you are not confident using it.